Marjolein Dijkstra and Sijbren Otto appointed as KNAW members

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has selected eighteen new members, two of which are member of ARC CBBC: Marjolein Dijkstra and Sijbren Otto. Dijkstra is Professor of Computer simulations of soft condensed matter at Utrecht University and Otto is Professor of systems chemistry at University of Groningen. The KNAW elects new members annually, based on scientific achievements.

Professor Dijkstra develops new computer simulation techniques to theoretically predict the behaviour of complex solutions. Dijkstra works on the fundamental understanding of colloidal suspensions, liquids in which colloidal particles move, often together with other types of particles such as ions and polymers. KNAW praises Dijkstra for her work which is not only scientifically groundbreaking, but also practically applicable.

Professor Otto is a pioneer in systems chemistry, a new discipline in chemistry that studies networks of interacting molecules and their properties. Otto is using this approach to study the chemical basis of life. He succeeded in successfully developing combinatorial and Darwinian strategies to discover new materials and catalysts with unique properties.

ARC CBBC congratulates both Marjolein Dijkstra and Sijbren Otto on this election.

Sources featured image: Utrecht University (left) and University of Groningen (right).