ARC CBBC Summer School: the Power of Collaboration

In August we have held the first edition of the ARC CBBC annual summer school organized by the ARC CBBC education committee. The summer school is part of our talent program aimed to support the next generation of scientists.

Within ARC CBBC we offer our students an education program emphasizing on our unique collaboration with our industrial partners, the multidisciplinarity within our consortium and the possibility to gain practical experience. We encourage the interaction between our students and promote the expertise exchange. The summer school has been a success and we wish to share this success with you as community member and others who are involved in our consortium.

The summer school also reflected the strong collaboration between the industrial partners and universities. Industrial partners gave lectures focusing on practical experiences.
We have had three afternoons of interactive workshops and inspiring lectures from our industrial partners.

The education committee is proud of its ARC CBBC students. As chemists of the future they are part of our joint efforts to fundamentally change chemistry for a sustainable future.
During the intensive workshops they have shared insights, exchanged knowledge and practiced their didactic and presentation skills. In the section ‘PhD teaches PhD students’, researchers have educated their fellow researchers about a topic in a different expertise field than their own. We are impressed by the results presented to us after only two days!

Quote Kaijian Zhu (ARC CBBC PhD student, University of Twente):

“This summer school was interesting. I learned what research looks like within the industry. It is different from what I initially thought. I also realized that if you want to clearly explain your research to others who are not familiar with your work, that it is important to provide many details or examples. Additionally, you can get new ideas by talking to other PhDs with slightly different backgrounds.”

ARC CBBC stimulates the power of collaboration. We encourage our students to continue to work together; inside and outside our organized meetings.

Our multinational partners contributed to the summer school by giving inspiring industry-related lectures.

Eric Kirchner from AkzoNobel gave a lecture about the science of colour. Advanced techniques to study the original colour of each pixel. He gave us insight in the colours used in paintings by Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Peter Witte from BASF lectured our PhD students about the difference between project proposals from R&D departments within the industry in comparison to the academic world. From idea to product or publication. He added that the industry uses academic knowledge for its product development.

Bart Zwijnenburg from Nouryon talked about the side products of industry and the use of waste in production processes. He also mentioned that with regard to results in research the same products and conditions should produce the same results. Different input means different output.

Special thanks goes out Dr. Eline Hutter (UU), Dr. Nikolay Kosinov (TU/e), Dr. Jeffrey Buter (RUG), Dr. Nicole Imholz (RUG) and Prof. Hans Kuipers (TU/e), who as supervisors have guided the teams in the process.

We look forward to meeting you all again!