It is important to work together, especially when you want to change things.

“There are so many possibilities to work together on a global scale.”

We were honoured by the visit of former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende to our Reinventing Chemistry Event on April 22nd.

Jan Peter Balkenende is currently active in the private sector and also works as a professor of Governance, Institutions and Internationalization at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He shared his vision on working together and on common agendas. Questions about topics such as the incorporation of SDG’s (sustainable development goals) in company policies were addressed. Also about how you report about realizing the circular economy and being honest about reporting results. He stated that the concept of climate change and circular economy should be part of the repositioning of Europe in the global economy. Europe should be in line with the SDG’s, climate change, circular economy and realizing reforms. The chemical industry can play a huge role in this.

Listen to the interview and be inspired. This is the momentum to act!