Introducing new PhD candidates

Maartje Otten (UU), 24 years old and born in Breda in the south of The Netherlands. After obtaining her Bachelor of Applied Sciences from Avans Hogeschool Breda in 2018, she went to study in Utrecht where she obtained her master’s degree in Nanomaterials Science from Utrecht University in 2021. After having an amazing time during her master’s research at the Organic Chemistry & Catalysis group, she started as a PhD candidate within the same group under supervision of Prof. Pieter Bruijnincx. Outside of work, Maartje likes to play field hockey, play squash with friends, watch formula 1 and enjoys road/city trips.

Her PhD research will be focusing on upcycling of polyolefins by (oxy)functionalization with the help of homogeneous catalysts and explore possible new material properties. Her research is part of the multilateral program I am really excited to work on this project and I am looking forward to see you all in the future!

Demi Snabilié (UvA), 23 year old and recently completed the Master Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and VU University (joint degree). She was also involved in the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry Class of Excellence program via which she discovered various research areas. During her master project in the Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired catalysis group, she investigated a novel iron complex and its reactivity. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, travelling to new places and skiing. Now, Demi is starting her PhD in the same group under supervision of Prof. Bas de Bruin towards the generation of highly reactive intermediates, such as carbene or nitrene (radical) complexes, by using photo- and electrochemistry. She is looking forward to discover new pathways to generate these species in a more sustainable fashion.