Dutch National Research Agenda

The Dutch National Research Agenda is a source of inspiration for those interested in science. The Dutch approach to developing a national science agenda has been genuinely unique: in April 2015, the Knowledge Coalition invited the general public to submit questions about science. This resulted in 11.700 questions submitted by the general public, academic institutions, the business community and civil society organisations. Among the 140 questions that have been chosen for the national research focus in the coming years, several questions are addressed in-depth in ARC CBBC.


ARC CBBC contributes to three of the Dutch National Research Agenda ‘routes’:

  • Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency
  • Smart Liveable Cities
  • Energy and Materials

Relevant questions from the cluster ‘Society and Technology’

  • Question 118: How can we make stable and selective catalysts, which are necessary to make the transition to sustainable energy and production systems and a biobased economy?
  • Question 120: Can we design smart materials and constructions with advanced new properties?

Relevant questions from the cluster ‘Human, environment and economy’

  • Question 9: How can we make better use of the carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycles?
  • Question 10: How can we use new materials, technologies, and processes to lower the cost of buildings and infrastructures and make them safer and more sustainable?
  • Question 14: How can mimicking plant photosynthesis contribute to a new green revolution?
  • Question 17: How can we make chemical and bio-chemical production processes more sustainable, more efficient, and cleaner?
  • Question 18: How can we quickly make our energy supply greener while keeping it affordable and reliable?
  • Question 19: How should we undertake the transition to an entirely sustainable energy supply?
  • Question 20: How can the sun meet all our energy needs?
  • Question 24: How can we use biomass as a feedstock to generate energy in a bio-based economy?
  • Question 26: How can we make (bio)chemical production processes more sustainable, efficient and cleaner?

Relevant questions from the cluster ‘Individual and society’

  • Question 52: How can we create a truly circular economy so that the manufacturing of industrial goods depends less on primary raw materials?
  • Question 53: What are the characteristics of a circular economy and how can we achieve it?

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