Annual ARC CBBC Education Day

Dear ARC CBBC PhD students and postdoc researchers,

A friendly reminder for this exciting workshop!
Please register for this live event.

Last Thursday 5 of your colleagues already followed this workshop. They really enjoyed the training and were very enthusiastic about the results! It was also fun to actually see each other again and have lunch together! We hope to see you all on the 21st!

This education day, to be held on April 21st prior to the lustrum, will be about pitching your research to a lay audience. Three experienced trainers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will offer you a free two-hour workshop in which you will practice your own pitch. The main theme will be “My research, what’s in it for you?”.

We’ll deal with questions such as why you would want to pitch in the first place. And how do you tell your audience what they need to know? How do you convince your audience of the unique selling points of your research? Furthermore, we will be paying attention to your ‘delivery’, meaning how to influence what you are saying by how you are saying it. Think of pronunciation, intonation, volume, pacing, body language.

We’ll show you a few inspiring pitches of fellow researchers and then… it’s your turn! By the end of the session you will be able to apply all the tricks of the trade illustrated during this workshop, which will without a doubt result in a perfectly delivered pitch!

Location: NBC in Nieuwegein
Time: 9.30 – 12.00hr followed by a lunch

Corona measures at the NBC in Nieuwegein: wear a face mask, in the meeting rooms is always 1.5m distance guaranteed, disinfection pillars are everywhere and there are walking routes.

Please note that this training is mandatory. We prefer to give this training live. Should we be forced to organize an online session we will notify you upfront.

Should you have any symptoms, please let us know and stay at home.

registration is closed