ECCM Conference 2022

The Advisory Committee for ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials, ECCM, advises the Dutch government on how to make the transition to a CO2-neutral industry based on generation, storage and conversion of renewable energy/electricity. The Committee promotes a cross-sectoral approach to achieve a CO2-neutral industry in the next few decades, and its advice spans the entire innovation chain (TRL 1-8).

In its recently updated advisory report, the ECCM National Agenda, the ECCM committee organises its recommendations along four action lines covering the entire innovation chain from technology development to system integration and implementation in society. During the ECCM Conference, state-of-the-art discoveries in science and technology will be shared by international speakers from academia and industry, following the action line – framework.

One of our PhD candidates, Marie Brand from UvA will present a poster.

*In case of no show and/or late cancellation you will be charged a cancellation fee.