ETCC2022 European Technical Coatings Congress

Get updated on the latest scientific and technical achievements concerning: paints, coatings, raw materials, adhesives, construction materials, related processes and concepts.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Sascha Herrwerth
Presentation title: “New solutions for Coatings: Taking you onto a journey from current developments to future trends and beyond”

Prof. dr. Mark Soucek
Presentation title: “Advances in Self-Stratified Coatings”

Dr. Bart Erich
Presentation title: “Solar control coatings for heat harvesting of building façades”

Andre van Linden
​​​​​​Presentation title: “Creating Value through Innovation and Collaboration”

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Albert Rössler
Presentation title: “Functional wood coatings – Challenges and opportunities”

Dr. Thomas Rudolf May
Presentation title: “What is the appropriate response of the coatings industry with regard to the ongoing process of reclassification of compounds?”

Dr. Tomasz Zieliński
Presentation title: “Trends and challenges – new business model of chemical Industry in Europe”

Christel Davidson
Presentation title: “Paint it green. The EU initiatives that the paint industry is facing”

Dr. Jaap Akkerman
Presentation title: “36 years paint and resin innovation”

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