NWO CHAINS is the annual Dutch chemistry conference. It is the event where chemists, from PhD students and postdocs to professors and R&D scientists, in science and industry come together. NWO CHAINS 2022 will take place live @ NH Koningshof in Veldhoven on 21 & 22 September 2022.

Check out a few of the interesting sessions with our members and PhD candidates:

Sensing catalytic reactions with light: chemistry meets physics

Chair: Esther Alarcon Llado (AMOLF), Eline Hutter (UU)

Speakers: Atsushi Urakawa (TUD), Charuseela Ramanan (VU), Freddy Rabouw (UU), Andrea Baldi (VU) Room: 63/64



Chair: Nikolay Kosinov (TUE) Room: 55/56

Iris Groeneveld (VU) New versatile tool for studying light induced degradation

Joren Vos (UU): Electric potential inside electrode micropores from thermodynamic measurements

Chris Vu (TUE): Continuous monitoring of small molecules with single-molecule resolution

CO2 capture and utilization Chair: Matteo Monai (UU), Ward van der Stam (UU)

Speakers: Ann-Sophie Farle (Skytree), Paula Abdala Macarena (ETH Zurich), Mariana Cecilio de Oliveira Monteiro (LEI). Room: Brabantzaal



Chair: Ina Vollmer (UU) Room: 80/81

Kelly Brouwer (UU): Designing well-defined heterogeneous catalysts via self-assembly of nanoparticles

Elahe Motaee (LEI) Regular surface defects in catalyzing the Fischer-Tropsch reaction

Thimo Jacobs (UU) Nanoscale sensing of temperature during catalytic reactions



Chair: Evgeny Pidko (TUD) Room: Brabantzaal

Verena Sukowski (UvA) Meta-C-H arylation of anisoles via palladium/norbornene catalysis

Ashok Ramakrishnan (LEI) Pd-catalyzed carbonylative synthesis of anhydrides from alkenes

Esther Sinnema (RUG) From catalytic H-P bond activation to alpha-chiral olefins

Eva Meeus (UvA) Radical-type aziridination with [Co^III(TAML^red)] in water.



Chair: Tom Savenije (TUD) Room: 82/83

Huygen Jöbsis (UU) Iron alloyed double perovskites for improved photochemical activity

Zimu Wei (TUD) Functional molecules on the surface of 2D-perovskite nanoplatelets

Jiashang Zhao (TUD): Chargecarrier dynamics in co-evaporated MAPbI3 with gradient compositions

Gianluca Grimaldi (AMOLF) Characterizing laser-induced degradation in 2D perovskite flakes.

Luc Brunsveld (TUE) Supramolecular Chemical Biology – Where weak interactions become strong

Chair: Jan van Hest (TUE) Room: Beneluxzaal.

For more information: https://nwochains.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Programma-NWO-CHAINS-2022-v01092022_web.pdf