Patent Workshop

There is an exciting patent workshop coming up on Wednesday 16th of October 2019.
Jonathan Barsema, Managing Counsel IP Chemicals at Shell, will teach you all about patents.
This workshop is organised for all researchers involved in ARC CBBC, independent of the company you’re collaborating with.

He will answer questions such as: What exactly is a patent? Why should a scientific researcher care about patents? How is the process of filing a patent? What are the criteria for patentability? How is the intellectual property (IP) of ARC CBBC organised?

After the workshop, Shell offers to join in a tour of their facilities. You will learn about their catalyst division and hear more about developing your personal career as a scientist. Get to know fellow and Shell researchers during the poster session, lunch and in the bar at the end of the day.



09:30 Check-in at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
10:00 Introduction to Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
10:30 Patent workshop (including 5 min short coffee/tea break)
12:30 Lunch and learn with Shell researchers and poster session by ARC CBBC PhD students
14:00 Presentation about catalysts in Shell
14:45 Lab tour
15.45 Coffee/tea break
16:00 Closing session about personal (career) development from a recruitment perspective
16:30 End of program, check-out and walk to bar
17:00 Informal drinks in bar between STCA and ferry

Venue: Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
Address: Grasweg 31, 1031 HW Amsterdam
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Important information

– Participation in the patent workshop is obligatory for all ARC CBBC PhD students and postdocs
– The workshop is organised for all researchers of ARC CBBC, including those who are collaborating with Akzo Nobel, BASF and Nouryon
– Without a valid identification document (a passport, local driver’s license or government-issued ID card) you will not have access to Shell Technology Centre
– Clothing instructions: long trousers and closed shoes (because of the lab visit)
– The workshop will be given in English
– Pictures will be taken during the day for communication purposes

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