Functional Responsive Materials

The ARC CBBC session at Physics@veldhoven organized by Prof. Ben Feringa and ARC CBBC assistant professor Michael Lerch

Speakers will be:

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e)

Prof. Nathalie Katsonis (RUG)

Prof. Peter Fratzl (Max Planck Institute)


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Deadline for online attendance is Monday 17 January 2022, 12.00 hrs CE(S)T.

A promising way to make materials and coatings more sustainable is to equip them with ‘intelligence’, that is to make them adaptive to their environment and to instill an ability to (self-)regulate their functions. These new functional materials change their properties in response to stimuli such as pH, light, temperature, and humidity, and can tailor their behavior according to any situation. For instance, self-replenishing and self-healing materials exhibit significantly longer life cycles, which makes them interesting for many applications in the automotive, and construction industry. Structurally colored and smart sensors promise advances in soft electronics, paints, coatings, and textiles. Moreover, the development of new materials with self-regulatory and homeostatic features may yield access to materials with increased autonomy and the ability to function in unusual or adverse environments. In order to succeed in these interdisciplinary challenges, the integration of physics, chemistry, and materials sciences is necessary and this focus session will highlight recent progress in this exciting field.
This sessions will focus on the most important themes of research currently conducted in the area of functional materials. For instance, Nathalie Katsonis will present her work on the development of smart materials which are stimuli responsive. Bert Meijer focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization and applications of supramolecular systems with unprecedented properties.