Sustainable Research Symposium

Join us and learn how to make your research GREENER!

Why join?

Research labs leave a considerable ecological footprint behind due to the massive consumption of energy, water, materials and reagents. Additionally, labs produce a substantial amount of waste – in fact, academic research labs produce an estimated 5.5 million tons of plastic waste each year!

Some of the eco footprint is necessary but we can do a lot to make our research more sustainable. Join this symposium to learn more about:

  • what you can do to reduce the eco footprint of your lab & office work
  • what researchers & institutions in various countries do to boost sustainability
  • how we can make scientific meetings more environmentally friendly
  • where you can meet ‘green-minded’ researchers or get others on board

Who’s invited to tune in?

Everyone with an interest in increasing sustainability of scientific research is invited to join! You will learn something and be inspired whether you are an undergrad, a PhD student, a postdoc, a group leader, a technician, a research assistant, a facility manager, a sustainability officer, or a procurement officer.

If you are interested to join, but can’t make it on May 19th, we encourage you to register – a recording of the event will be shared with all registered participants.

Do you want to share your idea during the symposium? Present a poster!

Click here to read more about how you can present your idea about tangible actions or technologies/innovations to decrease the footprint of research.


This year, the Sustainable Research Symposium will be hosted at the Princess Maxima Center, located at the Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands (Heidelberglaan 25, 3584 CS Utrecht). Participants can attend online and on site (you can indicate your preference during registration).