Workshop Creative Thinking

Workshop for young researchers (PhD + Postdoc)

As a scientist it is important to work accurately, precisely and structured.
However, a common pitfall is to focus so much on these aspects that an ‘inner critic’ arises, telling you that you should work harder or better, which causes stress.

How do you keep a healthy balance between your rational brain and your creative side?

Creativity is the basis of innovation. You use it to deal with unexpected situations, to think in a solution-oriented way and to just be playful and have fun.
After the workshop you will be more in touch with your own creativity.
You know how to link your enthusiasm and ingenuity to your work. This enables you to come up with new ideas and increase your problem-solving abilities.

We are looking for participants for a pilot version of this workshop. Participation is free, in exchange for feedback afterwards. Pictures are taken for promotional purposes.

More information (in Dutch):
Time: Wednesday 15 December, 13:00 – 16:30
Location: Utrecht, meeting room 2.04 ARC CBBC (VMC Building)
Language: English