22 March 2022

From methanol to the world in colors: aromatics production in the sustainable future by Chuncheng Liu (TUD)

You might be surprised that many items taken for granted in our daily life such as medicine, tennis racquets, or adhesive rely on the products made by the carcinogenic chemical, […]

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08 February 2022

Living without fossil based plastics? By Sarina Massmann (RUG)

The selective modification of unprotected carbohydrates for cross-linking in waterborne coatings. As you all know we use a lot of plastic and polymers. There are big problems with plastic since […]

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25 January 2022

Can you get more out of one paint stroke? By Ellard Hooiveld (WUR)

Can you get more out of one paint stroke? Looking upon the window frames of your house you notice that the paint starts to peel in many places. You know […]

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09 November 2021

How to  put solar energy into a “container” by Kaijian Zhu (UT)

How to  put solar energy into a “container” As you may know, the temperatures in both the Antarctic and Arctic are rising, the sea ice is melting. You also may […]

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17 May 2021

Where did the silver go? By Jiaying Li (UT)

Future food packaging without aluminum Illustration by: Jiaying Li This project is a part of the ARC-CBBC multilateral research program Coatings. This research is mainly being conducted in the Membrane […]

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19 April 2021

Why watching paint dry is not boring by Linda Eijsink (RUG)

The search for more sustainable paints Although paint has been around for millennia, there is always room for improvement. Currently, the search is for more environmentally-friendly materials. But chemistry is […]

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