Vacancy | PhD position on Structurally colored waterborne and biobased coatings

4 October 2022

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This project aims to investigate how to incorporate structural colours on waterborne (WB) biobased coatings. Some of the activities involved will be synthesis of polymers and/or liquid crystals and cholesteric networks, polymerization in aqueous media, chemical/physical characterization of polymers and coatings, and interfacial studies of colloids and soft matter. This research is expected to lead to more sustainable, economic and safe coloured coatings, and also create opportunities to fundamentally understand and control several processes occurring during application and drying of WB and biobased coloured paints, such as self-stratification and phase-separation.

The research will be conducted in close collaboration between two TU/e research groups: Physical Chemistry (SPC) and Stimuli-Responsive Functional Materials & Devices (SFD) which are part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the TU/e (The Netherlands). For more information :