Vacancy | Postdoc position in computational chemistry and catalysis

2 December 2021

Job description

Selective and efficient depolymerisation of polyolefins is one of the biggest challenges in the chemical recycling of polymers. The available technologies, such as catalytic pyrolysis, are not selective and produce large amounts of wastes. New chemocatalytic pathways need to be developed to enable a more efficient conversion of plastic wastes to useful chemicals. This challenge is tackled by the Flagship program Chemical Recycling of Polyolefins via Novel Catalytic and Separation Routes within the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Block Consortium (ARC CBBC).

Together with colleagues from Delft, Eindhoven and Utrecht, you will be investigating new creative catalytic solutions to enable selective upcycling of polyolefin wastes. In this project, you will develop and employ advanced automated computational strategies to address the complex catalytic chemistry of polyolefins transformations in solution and at a solid-liquid interface. The validation of the new mechanistic models and computational predictions will be carried out in a close interaction and collaboration with the experimental catalysis research within this Flagship program.


We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious candidate with a PhD in computational chemistry, physical organic chemistry, computational catalysis (or have submitted a PhD thesis prior to taking up the appointment) or relevant experience. A good background in computational chemistry and affinity with computer sciences and programming are required.

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