Chuncheng Liu

Delft University of Technology

About myself

I am Chinese and from Yantai city, which is famous for its great beach, mountains and fruits (especially apples). To pursue my bachelor’s degree, I travelled to Chongqing city when I was 19 years old. After graduation in the summer of 2014, I luckily received a scholarship from Politecnico di Milano in Italy for a two-year master program. It was a great city for me to live, study and work in until May of 2018, when I moved to TU Delft to study as a PhD.

As a researcher, I am passionate about

I am passionate about any opportunity to get in touch with advanced technology and I feel excited to apply the knowledge learned from class on my research. I am glad to cooperate with my colleagues to demonstrate the fascinating heterogeneous reaction network between small molecules on the surface with multidiscipline techniques.

At the moment I work on

At the moment, I work on “Exploration of Non-commodity Zeolite Frameworks for Small Molecule Activation: Acidity, Reactivity and Coke Formation”, which is a bilateral project together with Sophie van Vreeswijk at Utrecht University. In this research project, novel zeolitic materials are investigated as examples of non-commodity zeolite framework structures for small molecule activation processes that can help to produce basic chemicals without the need for fossil feedstock. To gather detailed physicochemical insights of these materials, a wide variety of bulk and local characterization methods will be used, while their performance is studied in the methanol-to-olefins (MTO) process as showcase. The latter allows making comparisons with current MTO catalysts, in other words ZSM-5 and SAPO-34.