Emiel Hensen

Professor of Molecular catalysis
Eindhoven University of Technology

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

I am interested in applying fundamental understanding of catalyzed reactions relevant to the development of clean and sustainable processes for the production of energy and chemicals. Heterogeneous catalysis remains a key enabling technology which depends on materials chemistry development to continually adapt and innovate to address societal demands. A main challenge is to enable the transition to a sustainable economy based on renewable resources for energy and chemicals. CBBC brings together excellent partners from academia and industry to drive these important technological changes with novel chemistry, catalysts and industrial processes.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

Contributing to a more rational design of catalysts. Catalysts remain the workhorses of the chemical industry and will play a pivotal role in the various energy conversion processes in a sustainable economy. Nanoscale understanding enabled by computational methodologies and validated by in situ characterization is one of the main enablers to not only guide the design of optimum catalysts but also to direct best approaches to synthesize them. An example of this approach is the design and fabrication of optimum nanostructured zeolites (Chemical Science 7 (2016) 6506-6513).

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