Krijn de Jong

Professor of Inorganic chemistry and catalysis
Utrecht University

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

(1) Fundamentals of the assembly of nanostructured functional materials and their application in existing processes as well as in new conversion routes; to work towards major innovations in the (unconventional) synthesis of catalysts using a.o. advanced in situ electron microscopy tools. Close cooperation is foreseen with industry as well as with academic groups. (2) Nanostructured carbon materials from methane. This conversion route might be attractive for the production of hydrogen with low carbon footprint (i.e. low CO2 emissions). The carbon produced could be used at large scale for instance as high-performance construction materials. Cooperation between catalysis and engineering groups is proposed as well as with industry.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

In general, of the PhD students and Postdocs that I have supervised which now work in important positions and apply their knowledge and experience to the benefit of mankind. Scientifically, of the fundamental insights into catalyst synthesis (see Chem. Rev. 115, (2015), 6687−6718), breakthroughs in fundamentals of synthesis gas conversion (a.o. particle size effects, lower olefin synthesis) and the pioneering of electron tomography (3D-TEM) in the field of materials science.

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