Marjolein Dijkstra

Professor of Computer simulations of soft condensed matter
Utrecht University

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

I would like to contribute with my strong expertise in computer simulations in the development of new materials with novel functionalities and in finding solutions for the global challenges that our society faces. To accomplish this, I would like to use a multi-scale approach in which the different time- and length scales are seamlessly integrated from an atomistic and molecular scale to a nano- and micron-scale to a continuum scale. My group has expertise in a wide range of techniques like Monte Carlo, (event driven) Molecular and Brownian Dynamics simulations, Hydrodynamics  simulations, simulated annealing techniques and genetic algorithms.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

I have set up a strong research group in simulations to investigate the self-assembly of colloidal particles. More recently my group has also developed simulation techniques to study the intricate coupling of colloids with soft deformable matter: (1) solvent mixtures in which the (charged) colloids and ions couple in a non-trivial way to fluctuating dielectric interfaces, relevant for electrodes, oil-water-rock systems, supercapacitors, (2) adsorption and self-assembly of particles adsorbed at deformable fluid interfaces including capillary interactions or complex porous structures or surfaces, (3) hydrodynamic coupling of particles with fluid flow, etc. Our computer codes are developed and optimized in house.

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