Sarina Massmann

PhD candidate
University of Groningen

About myself

I was born in 1992 in Höxter, Germany, where I grew up in a little village surrounded by nature. During my chemistry studies in Jena (GER) I joined a student association helping socially deprived people and started learning Chinese and Dutch. My hobbies involve a lot of sports mainly horseback riding, pilates and surfing. In my free time, I also like to play squash with colleagues or go on my 50-year oldtimer BMW motorbike. Furthermore, I love to read books especially on the beach.

At the moment I work on

After working some time in the industry, I joined the CBBC flagship for waterborne coatings in October 2018 with Prof. Adriaan J. Minnaard (University of Groningen). Together with other PhD-students I am working on sustainable alternatives for polymer-based coatings, lacquers and packaging. I personally focus on the functionalization and cross-linking of polysaccharides.


With regards to ARC CBBC I really like the good working environment, working closely to the industry and the possibility to see directly what we can accomplish with successful research. To my opinion, working in this supportive consortium is a huge advantage for motivation as well as self-development as a researcher and giving much more possibilities compared to other projects.

As a researcher I am passionate about

To prevent a future with an increasing use of plastics, we are highly motivated to achieve the development of sustainable alternatives based on polysaccharides. It would be an immense outcome for society and the world we want to live in.