Relevance to society

The work conducted by ARC CBBC is relevant on the national and international level.

Top Sector Chemistry

Within the Top Sector Chemistry sector, ARC CBBC addresses many of the major challenges identified in two roadmaps.


Dutch National Research Agenda

ARC CBBC contributes to the Dutch National Research Agenda ‘routes’ Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency, Smart Liveable Cities, Energy and Materials. Among the 140 questions to science in the Dutch National Research Agenda, several questions are addressed in-depth in ARC CBBC.


EU Grand Challenges

The Advanced Research Center CBBC directly contributes to several main targets defined under the EU Grand Challenges.


United Nations

The chemical sector has the tools to take on this global challenge to supply a growing world population with novel, sustainable, smart solutions for energy, coatings and functional materials. Read more about ARC CBBC’s contributions.