Pathways to Sustainability

Conference 2023 - TivoliVredenburg Utrecht

Panel discussion experts: dr. Eline Hutter, prof. Niki Frantzeskaki & prof. Beatrice de Graaf

Imagine you are in 2060. The planet is a completely different place compared to the past, the 2020s. What began as a need for change in the ‘transition twenties’ became a deep transformation, both of nature and of society. Climate change has changed the face of the earth, in some places we now live with water, not against it. In other places we now see the social impact of the disruption of the ‘water towers’ of the world. Equilibrium, is now a word for history class. Sustainability (to use that concept of the past!) is now at the heart of our politics. Ecocide is an established crime. What were they thinking in the past when a good life was based on consumption? While prediction is difficult, particularly when it is about the future, there is no doubt that the 21st century will down in history textbooks as the Century of Ecology.

The Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2023 will take place on 4 April. We offer you inspirational speakers, reflecting on this year's theme See the future from various perspectives.


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