Chemical building blocks for a sustainable future

ARC CBBC is the Dutch national research center that investigates chemical building blocks for novel sustainable energy and materials. We are a public-private organisation in which academic, industrial and governmental partners are cooperating intensively. Our many research projects focus on three themes.

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Functional materials & specialties


Energy carriers

22 March 2019

ARC CBBC explores cooperation with China

Last week, ARC CBBC joined the Dutch trade mission to China, to explore possibilities for cooperation. ARC CBBC program coordinator Maurice Mourad: “There is a lot of talent at Chinese […]

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11 March 2019

Methane promising route for storage of renewable energy from sun and wind

In Nature Catalysis, ARC CBBC researchers are publishing a Perspective article on the status quo of ‘Power to Methane’ together with colleagues from Utrecht University.

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11 March 2019

ARC CBBC is seeking additional Members

The Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) is looking for experts in theoretical chemistry, surface plasmon resonance, and membrane separation technology to complement the Membership community of […]

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Programme directors

Ben Feringa

Professor of Organic chemistry and molecular sciences
University of Groningen

Bert Weckhuysen

Professor of Inorganic chemistry and catalysis
Utrecht University

Hans Kuipers

Professor of Multi-scale modelling of multiphase flows
Eindhoven University of Technology

Founding partners