Chemical building blocks for a sustainable future

ARC CBBC is the Dutch national research center that investigates chemical building blocks for novel sustainable energy and materials. We are a public-private organisation in which academic, industrial and governmental partners are cooperating intensively. Our many research projects focus on three themes.

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Functional materials & specialties


Energy carriers

17 February 2020

ARC CBBC sets the foundation for new chemistry

ARC CBBC is a unique collaboration between leading academic groups and the industry. This national research centre explores sustainable chemical products and processes that will lead to renewable energy use, […]

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28 January 2020

New Assistant Professor at the Utrecht hub: Eline Hutter

We are happy to welcome dr. Eline Hutter, Tenure Track Assistant Professor of ARC CBBC’s hub in Utrecht. She will build up a research team within the consortium that will […]

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17 December 2019

ARC CBBC running on full power

Chemical companies are aware of the fact that their production processes need to change fundamentally and are exploring their options. Think of turning CO2 emissions into carbon feedstock or implementing […]

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Programme directors

Ben Feringa

Professor of Organic chemistry and molecular sciences
University of Groningen

Bert Weckhuysen

Professor of Inorganic chemistry and catalysis
Utrecht University

Hans Kuipers

Professor of Multi-scale modelling of multiphase flows
Eindhoven University of Technology

Founding partners