Meet Hannie van Berlo. Technician at the ARC CBBC hub in Utrecht

17 August 2021

Let’s meet Hannie! Hannie has joined our consortium in March 2018 as our first female lab technician. She has a background in Physical Chemistry and Material Sciences. She has particular experience with imaging techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy. In her past work, she also fabricated the first inverse woodpile photonic crystal with unique and exciting light propagating properties. Hannie loves to work with students and junior researchers, to transfer knowledge, but most of all to stand by their side and motivate them to move beyond the beaten track and look for other ways or methods in their research. If they come across issues in their research work (inside and outside of the lab), she likes to challenge them to think outside the box to look for a solution. She is also responsible for keeping facilities and equipment and operational at all times. This includes ensuring that possible damaging influences from outside, such as vibrations caused by the demolition of a nearby building for example, are foreseen and that necessary precautionary measures are taken. This is no problem for Hannie; she has great affinity with the organization of lab-related measures and projects, the bigger they are, the more interesting it gets. With the same dedication she organized the transfer of the ARC CBBC office to our new building! Recently Hannie and her family with two young children moved to an older house, that was built in the 30s of last century. Together they made several major modifications to live in a more sustainable way. This includes amongst others the installation of solar panels and heat pumps, reduction of use of gas. She loves to cook and bake and knows a lot about wine! Loves to drink it too 😉; especially in good company or while reading science fiction or fantasy books. Hannie, thanks for making sure our laboratory working conditions are always taken care of! You have a great sense of humor and it is always fun working with you.