Meet Ramon Oord. Technician at the ARC CBBC hub in Utrecht

13 July 2021

Meet Ramon Oord our technician the ARC CBBC lab at Utrecht University

Ramon Oord joined ARC CBBC in February 2018 as research technician for the Utrecht University hub. He has a PhD in chemistry and did his research about exhaust catalysts for diesel trucks.

During his study and research his focus has always been on #renewableenergy which made it an obvious choice for him to join ARC CBBC. Being part of this consortium enables him to continue to contribute to the important topic of #green #sustainable chemistry.

When asked why Ramon chose this position as a technician and why he really likes his job, he did not have to think twice!

‘I love helping people! With all sort of issues. From designing test equipment, catalytic test set-ups, research plans, analyzing techniques but also with smaller technical issues.’

He explains that many students, PhD candidates or postdoctoral researchers know WHAT they need to test or analyze, but they don’t know HOW. ‘This is where my expertise as a chemist comes in handy. With my chemical background I can build bridges between engineers and researchers.’ During his PhD Ramon was already performing a lot of technical work, instead of just pure research. After his PhD he decided to continue this way of working instead of doing a postdoc.

In his role of technician he also purchases advanced equipment for the ARC CBBC lab, such as the XRD and assists with various Xray and synchrotron measurements.

We all know Ramon as a very helpful and friendly colleague. We know he loves to cook too. Especially curry’s and he brews his own beer. When asked where he prefers to spend his holiday he answers that he likes to travel in general, but his preference goes out to being in nature. Specifically hiking in the mountains. From Israel to Patagonia to Yosemite national park. The diversity in nature fascinates him. On his list: a trip from Texas all the way to Oregon, to see the great national parks of America.

Ramon Oord, it is a pleasure working with you! We are always curious about what is going on in the labs so keep us updated on the latest developments. Also, some other time, tell us how you all have been able to continue your work during the lockdown.

We will be in touch!