My research what’s in it for you?

24 February 2022

Collage Pitch Training 2

Last week another 5 of our PhD candidates followed a pitch training entitled ‘My research what’s in it for you?’.

Daan Groefsema (UU), Kristiaan Helfferich (UU), Sophie van Vreeswijk (UU), Kelly Brouwer (UU) and Sarina Massmann (RUG) explain their research for a layman audience. In understandable language using analogues they show us why and in which way their work contributes to a more sustainable chemical industry and society.

Can we make chemical building blocks out of methane, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and simultaneously produce valuable chemicals? How can we optimize catalysts, one of the most important components in chemical processes to make every day products such as paints, plastics and perfumes? Can we use biomass as feedstock to make paints? Which alternatives are there for fossil fuels, can we use waste or even CO2?

Fundamental research is of course of interest to our scientific audience, but a sustainable and circular chemical industry is important for society as a whole.

To accelerate energy, materials and feedstock transition we should join hands and invest in connecting disciplines and talents, in education, in resources and in collaboration. It is therefore important to us to reach out to a broad audience and to give insight into the steps that are currently being taken.

We are looking forward to the results of the video’s!