Nathália Tavares Costa (UT) and Wesley Browne (RUG) in VVVF Magazine

In the latest edition of the magazine of the VVVF (Dutch Association for Paint and Ink Producers), Verf&Inkt, ARC CBBC PhD candidate Nathalia Tavares Costa and ARC CBBC member prof. Wesley Browne were both interviewed.

In the section ‘Beroep in Beeld’, Nathalia Tavares costa was interviewed about her trajectory as a PhD cadidate, solving the sick building syndrome and photocatalysts. Click here to read her interview (interview in Dutch).

Wesley Browne, on the other hand, talks about using biobased feedstock for coatings, and how and if we can use that on a large scale. Click here to read his interview (also in Dutch).