New PhD candidates

Marzio Saccinto en Stefan Bouts

A warm welcome to our new PhD candidates! We would like to introduce them to you.

Stefan Bouts - TU/e (left photo): I was born and raised in the Netherlands and spend most of my life near Rotterdam. I completed my applied science bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. After this and a short pre-master I successfully obtained my MSc in Nanomaterial Science from Utrecht University. Throughout my studies I had the opportunities to do various internships, which fueled my desire to pursue an industry relevant PhD in catalysis. This journey led me to join the Inorganic Material Catalysis group at TU/e. Besides my research I like to build and maintain my aquariums and terrariums with various tropical animals.

Marzio Saccinto - UT (right photo): I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Industrial chemistry at the University of Insubria. Then I moved to the University of Parma to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial chemistry. During my master’s degree, I participated in the Erasmus SMT program for my thesis project at the University of Twente. During that period I investigated the role of 2D functionalized nanomaterials acting as a straitjacket and avoid the infection of the influenza virus with our cells. On the 15 of March, I started as PhD in the photocatalysis synthesis group and working on Photocatalytic Membranes for Advanced Wastewater Treatment in collaboration with the Inorganic membrane department.