New PhD candidates

Ferit and Ariq

A warm welcome to our new PhD candidates! We would like to introduce them to you.

Ferit Begar was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1998. He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees from the Izmir Institute of Technology. During his MSc studies, he focused on synthesizing porous organic polymers, employing them across diverse fields, including aqueous zinc-ion batteries and iodine capture research. Subsequently, in April 2024, he started his doctoral studies as a member of the Molecular Energy Materials group under the supervision of Prof. Edwin Otten.

Ariq Attallah is from, and was born in Indonesia, but spent the majority of his life living abroad in countries such as Malaysia, Oman and now the Netherlands. He received his Chemical Engineering and Chemistry bachelor's degree at TU Eindhoven. He then immediately pursued his master's degree at the same university, focusing on the Process Technology side of Chemical Engineering. He conducted his master's thesis under the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis research group, focusing on the effect of transition metal doping on CO oxidation catalysts. He had so many memorable experiences that he decided to continue pursuing a PhD within the same group, this time focusing on catalysis for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol. Outside of the PhD life, he regularly plays badminton with friends on weekends, while he also likes to watch football and listening to music.