New PhD candidates

Madhi Samapour en Marina Karsakova

Marina Karsakova
(University of Groningen)
Marina obtained a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology in Russia. During her undergraduate studies, she conducted a thesis project in collaboration with the R&D Department of Klöckner Pentaplast Rus Corporation, focusing on recycling internal waste from polymer packaging production. Following that, Marina pursued a Master's degree in the Department of Physics at ITMO University, where she conducted research projects aiming to develop a combined approach for creating colloidal solutions of optically resonant nanoparticles and their self-assembly. In April 2023, Marina joined the M. Lerch group to pursue a PhD, with her research project centered around the scalable production of stimuli-responsive supraparticles using biobased materials.

Mahdi Samapour (University of Groningen)
Mahdi was born in Iran. He got his BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Damghan University, then joined the department of converging technologies at Khatam University and obtained his MSc in Quantum materials, Energies & Technologies. (QMET) During his MSc studies, he Investigated the effect of the saffron extract on the aggregation of amyloid-beta peptides involved in Alzheimer's disease. Afterward, he went to France to start his second MSc at Sorbonne University in Materials chemistry with a full scholarship. He conducted his MSc thesis project in the LBM Laboratory ( ENS, Sorbonne University) and BioCIS Laboratory (University of Paris Saclay, CY Cergy Paris University) and developed Chemical ligation tools to access modified homeodomain proteins; for this project, Mahdi was awarded financial support from the Sciences and Technics Institute of CY Cergy Paris University. Now, he is a Ph.D. student at dr. S.B. (Sebastian) Beil group and working on Smart coatings.