New researchers!

1 December 2022

Aleksandra Wawrzyniak UL Disha jain UU

Aleksandra Wawrzyniak (UL)

Aleksandra is a new PhD student in the group of Prof. Marc Koper. She grew up in Poland, and moved to Berlin when she was 19 to study Chemical Engineering at the Technical University. For her Bachelor‘s thesis she researched ORR to hydrogen peroxide and for her Master‘s thesis carbon dioxide reduction to ethylene for industrial applications in the group of Prof. Peter Strasser. Her PhD topic focuses on carbon dioxide reduction to methanol and other alcohols. Outside of research work, she spends a lot of time reading books and training tricks, dogfrisbee and going on hikes with her border collie dog.

Disha Jain (UU)

Disha obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India. Thereafter, she finished her Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, India, where she worked on the development of new catalytic materials and reaction kinetics for gas phase reactions. She then worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Delft University of Technology under Prof. dr. Atsushi Urakawa in collaboration with Toyota, where the work was focused on understanding the catalytic processes by spatiotemporal operando techniques under static and dynamic conditions. She joined as a postdoctoral researcher in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis (ICC) group at Utrecht University under Dr. Matteo Monai and will be working on developing coke and poison-resistant Ni-based bimetallic catalysts for methane reforming. She will utilize operando and computational techniques to gain deeper insights into the reaction mechanism that will guide the development of better reforming catalysts.