Publication | Favoring the Methane Oxychlorination Reaction over EuOCl by Synergistic Effects with Lanthanum

28 April 2022

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In the process of converting methane into mono-halogenated methane like CH3Cl, using catalysts is crucial. This week, ARC CBBC researcher Bas Terlingen (UU) published his research on these catalysts in the journal ACS Catalysis.

His research focused on the improvement of catalysts used in this conversion. His previous research showed the potential of EuOCl as a catalyst, but using this catalyst still leaves room for improvement. In order to resolve some of the challenges that emerge, using lanthanum as a partial replacement for europium could be considered. This study investigated the effect of this replacement on three fronts. Three improvements were desired: improving selectivity, reducing the catalyst costs and lowering the necessary concentration of HCl during the conversion.

Read his publication here: