Roadmap to a carbon-neutral refinery by 2050: publication in Nature

We are happy and proud to announce the visionary article written by our scientific director Bert Weckhuysen and professor Eelco Vogt published in Nature, the International Journal of Science!

Would it be possible to build a refinery that is completely fossil-free, and thereby significantly contributing to a carbon-neutral society by as early as 2050? Professor Weckhuysen and professor Vogt from Utrecht University wanted to see what would be needed to make this happen and took that to the extreme.

The vision is the integration of all components needed to build a refinery complex that ultimately becomes zero-waste. They present a roadmap in which oil refineries could be reinvented to be completely fossil-free. Processes will be electrified if possible, and raw materials will change to CO2, agricultural and municipal waste.

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Refinery of the future

The publication was also selected to decorate the cover of the journal.