The ARC CBBC Summer School of 2024

Despite the weather not being as sunny as anticipated, the ARC CBBC Summer School of 2024 was a resounding success, filled with the warmth and enthusiasm of our young, passionate community.

For three enriching days, we bonded over a shared mission through community-building activities, insightful scientific lectures, practical business cases, engaging workshops, and an unforgettable boat trip. The ARC CBBC students are dedicated to creating a waste-free society and pioneering the materials of the future—sustainable materials derived from circular biological feedstock, powered exclusively by renewable green energy, and free from harmful emissions.

The ARC CBBC education program plays a crucial role in our consortium’s strategy to equip the next generations of scientists and employees. Our goal is to foster collaborative skills, soft skills, and expertise exchange, complemented by active industry involvement, all while they undergo four years of intensive scientific development.

20240611 100931

ARC CBBC students present in front of their peers and BASF experts

As part of our commitment to sustainable industry, we invite our partners to host a day during this three-day event. This year, we were honored to visit BASF in Heerenveen.

At BASF, the positive impact their products, solutions, and technologies have on society and the environment are of high importance. Their focus on climate change, circular economy, and a safe and sustainable portfolio drives their sustainability transformation.

Rob Gosselink and Gerald Metselaar from BASF curated an active program featuring four business cases centered on sustainability. On the second day of the summer school, our students presented their innovative perspectives on specific topics within BASF's sustainability strategy to BASF’s experts in Sustainability and R&D.

20240612 120501

ARC CBBC students during the workshop on design thinking

The ARC CBBC Summer School of 2024 was not just an event but a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. It reaffirmed our commitment to building a sustainable future and inspired all participants to continue their journey toward making a meaningful impact on our world.

Thank you so much BASF for your hospitality! Special thanks to Rob Gosselink and Gerald Metselaar. Thank you Matteo Monai, Nikolay Kosinov, Michael Lerch, Adri Minnaard and Moniek Tromp for you in-depth scientific lectures. Thank you Goda Perlaviciute for your inspiring lecture on Human aspects of sustainable transitions. Thank you Hannie van Berlo and Jessica Oudenampsen for your workshops on design thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration.

And last but certainly not least: thank you so much Anita den Heijer and Hannah Thuijs for again a wonderfully organized ARC CBBC summer school!

20240611 171504

Amsterdam ARC CBBC students on a Frisian boat