Understanding defects in solar panels

17 May 2022

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In the road towards a more sustainable future, the transfer from energy from fossil fuels towards renewable energy is crucial. Solar energy is a common example of renewable energy which is already applied in society on a large scale.

ARC CBBC researcher Bas van Gorkom from the Technical University of Eindhoven has recently published an article in Nature Communications about his research. Bas investigated the nature and impact of defects in solar panels, specifically in solar panels using a material called perovskite. By gaining better understanding of the origin and properties of these defects, the efficiency of the solar panels can be improved.

The results of Bas’ research provide several possible solutions to increase the efficiency of solar cells, for example by adding other layers to the solar panels. His research also gives new insights in the type of defects that develop in the solar cells. His research provides a base for other researchers to build upon, to successfully improve the efficiency of solar panels in the future!