Welcome to our new colleagues!

19 October 2022

Jans Tolboom Imke Bartels Martijn de Heer Kloots

Jens Tolboom (UvA)

During his Master’s programme, Jens Tolboom developed an interest in synthesis, catalysis and material chemistry. In his thesis research he studied the enantioselective atom transfer radical addition of chloromethanes to olefins in the group of Prof. Bas de Bruin. This project mainly consisted of the rational design of catalysts. He wanted to continue this rational design of catalysts, whereby adjustments directly lead to macroscopic changes. Therefore, he is happy to continue his developed interest by starting the ARC CBBC project on latent paint curing with light-triggered catalysts in the presence of strongly colored pigments. He will perform this research in the Homogeneous Catalysis group of the University of Amsterdam and he is looking forward to the scientific developments and collaborations with the other researchers at ARC CBBC.

Imke Bartels (RUG)

Imke is a Dutch PhD student under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. A.J. Minnaard in the chemical biology group at the University of Groningen. The focus of her research project will be on the use of electrochemical and photo-redox approaches for the functionalization of carbohydrates. Both her Bachelor and Masters degree were obtained from the University of Groningen. During her master, she worked with prof. dr. E. Otten on the synthesize of bipolar organic materials for aqueous redox flow batteries and analyzation of their electrochemical properties and with prof. dr. M.T.C. Walvoort on a project involving the synthesis of C5 modified KDO substrates. After these projects, she went abroad for an extracurricular research project at Monash university in Melbourne, Australia working with prof. C. Jones on the synthesis and design of new ligands for the isolation of highly reactive subvalent aluminium (I) compounds. She is looking forward to starting this new project and working with all her colleagues at the RUG and with all the other members and researchers at the ARC-CBBC.

Martijn de Heer Kloots (WUR)

Martijn joined as a PhD student in the group of prof. Jasper van der Gucht on September 15th. In collaboration with the University of Twente (prof. Wiebe de Vos), he will work on developing smart functional coatings from polyelectrolyte complex films, through adding a variety of responsive molecules, macromolecules and particles. He obtained his Master’s degree Molecular Life Sciences (spec. Physical Chemistry) at Wageningen University, focusing on materials science and polymer chemistry. His Master Thesis focused around the analysis of dynamic covalent polymer systems using confocal Raman microscopy, and linking found mesoscale structures to mechanical properties. In more general terms, he hopes to contribute to the materials transition by providing more sustainable or recyclable alternatives to commonly used materials, such as coatings and bulk plastics. Aside from work he likes to spend his free time by playing tennis, drawing, playing chess, cooking and spending time with friends.