Adri Minnaard

Professor of Bio-organic chemistry
University of Groningen

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

The over-arching slogan we use in my group is that “we make molecules”. The group has a track record in the development and application of novel (often transition metal-catalyzed) reactions, and their application in synthesis. We are motivated to contribute to the research themes of ARC CBBC as we are convinced that the development of new synthesis/catalysis methods is at the heart of this consortium.As for the topic Coatings; we are convinced we can contribute by introducing readily available carbohydrates as novel and better performing stabilizers, fillers and crosslinkers. And by novel homogeneous catalysis methodology.For the topic Materials and Specialties, we have a research topic in which we study the synthesis of novel conducting polymers and dyes.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

1) The first total synthesis of a number of highly complex mycobacterial glycolipids 2) A synthesis of vitamin E via a novel approach 3) The regioselective catalytic oxidation of glucose and it one-pot conversion into allose 4) The flavin-catalyzed reduction of alkenes with hydrazine 5) The structure elucidation and enantioselective synthesis of TbAd (with others) as a biomarker for pathogenic tuberculosis bacteria.

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