Alexandra Matei

Alexandra Matei

PhD candidate
University Groningen

Alexandra Matei


Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

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Organic synthesis, organolithium chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, photochemistry, electrochemistry

About me

I grew up in Bucharest, Romania before moving to Pennsylvania, United States to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I moved to Groningen in 2020 to pursue a MSc in Chemistry, focused on Green Chemistry and Catalysis. At the end of 2022 I started a PhD at the University of Groningen, in the group of prof. dr. B. L. Feringa, focusing on the anti-Markovnikov functionalization of olefins.

About my research

My research project is focused on developing more sustainable alternatives to achieve the direct oxidation of terminal alkenes into aldehydes. While several palladium-catalyzed methodologies have been developed, the number of more sustainable direct oxidative protocols is limited. My goal is to combine metal-redox catalysis, electrochemistry and photochemistry to achieve anti-Markovnikov oxidations of alkenes into aldehydes, developing highly active catalysts, such that stoichiometric oxidants can be avoided. While photocatalysis and electrocatalysis were new for me at the beginning of my PhD, I am committed to develop more sustainable methodologies to achieve versatile building blocks.