Bas den Hartigh

Bas den Hartigh

PhD candidate
University of Utrecht

Bas den Hartigh


Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis

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Vening Meinesz C Building 2.06

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Key expertises

Heterogeneous catalysis, in-situ spectroscopy, catalyst preparation

About me

I was born in Alkmaar where I did my VWO, and moved to Utrecht for both my bachelor in chemistry and master in nanomaterials science at the university of Utrecht. I performed my master thesis in the inorganic chemistry & catalysis group where I now also started as a PhD candidate. My master’s research internship was performed at SINTEF, Oslo. In my free time I like to cook, play soccer, do some bouldering and play some video games.

About my research

My project is about the CO2 hydrogenation reaction over Co/TiO2 catalysts, and more specifically about the influence of the reducibility of the titania support on the overall catalytic activity. This will be investigated by means of electron microscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, and more. I am highly excited about this project as, first of all, I am a keen believer of CO2 utilization, and second, a wide variety of novel techniques is employed. I believe that the CO2 hydrogenation reaction, in all of its forms, will become a pioneering reaction to achieve a circular economy