Bianka Sieredzinska

Bianka Sieredzinska

PhD candidate
University of Groningen

Bianka Sieredzinska


Faculty of Science and Engineering, Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

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About me

Before I started my work on crosslinking at University of Groningen, I was involved in the in-lab verification of retrosynthesis software called Chematica, which later was commercialized and is now known as Synthia. I am an open minded person who likes challenges of all kinds. In the free time, I enjoy sailing, painting and drawing. A good book is always my friend too.

About my research

My research project is focused on finding new methods for cross-linking polymers that would involve light in the process. Using light to create cross-linked networks is important as light is all around us, it is abundant. When I joined ARC CBBC, working with polymers and coatings was new for me. I did recognize the need of working on sustainable solutions very well before though, and I think it overlaps with the vision of the future I believe in – a sustainable, greener future for all of us.