Catarina Esteves

Associate professor of Polymer chemistry and polymer technology
Eindhoven University of Technology

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

ARC CBBC will provide a platform for academics and industrials to meet, discuss and work together on innovation breakthroughs in challenging areas like energy or raw materials sources. As an academic, I have experienced that the knowledge we generate at Universities does not easily reach industries; it is “frozen” on scientific publications, and eventually forgotten… On the other hand, many real problems or wishes from industry remain without answer, hampering the implementation of new technologies and products. I think ARC CBBC will help in bridging these gaps, and I am looking forward to this intensive cooperation and the challenges ahead!

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

…my multi- and inter-disciplinary background, which started with a PhD in Nanochemistry and was build up through collaborations with chemists, physicists, biologists and materials engineers, both from academia and industry. Every day I work on very challenging, but also very refreshing research questions, being faced with different perspectives and pushed to find ways of communicating at the interface of the interconnected scientific fields. In-depth understanding and rational design of new materials are my motivations. Functional materials and Smart coatings are also like that: interface research fields which require multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches. I think we are a good match!

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