Detlef Lohse

Professor of Physics of fluids
University of Twente

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

It is an excellent opportunity for me to continue and extend my collaboration with world-leading scientists on dispersed multiphase flow, in particular with heat and mass transfer, and on chemical reactions inside droplets and bubbles and on surfaces, including catalysis, electrolysis, and solidifcations, all with an application perspective. From my point of view industrial problems are a great inspiration for fundamental science and vice versa fundamental science is absolutely required for applications in the long term (>2-3 years). The consortium seems to be born out of this spirit and I want to contribute to the mutual cross-fertilization between these approaches and bring in my expertise in physics of fluids.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

From a scientific point of view, I am most proud of having solved several outstanding fluid dynamics problems, among them the heat transfer in thermal convection, single bubble sonoluminescence, and surface nanobubbles. Next, I am proud of the many excellent scientiests which we educated in our Physics of Fluids group in Twente over the years. Finally, I am happy that I could bridge the gap between fundamental research at University and more applied research in industry,  by having several long and intense collaborations and long-lasting FOM-IPP programmes with industry such as Oce, ASML, Shell, and Akzo, which on the one hand led to good and visible scientific results, on the other hand also had an impact at industry.

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