Eline Hutter

Eline Hutter

Assistant professor
Utrecht University

Eline Hutter



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Vening Meineszgebouw C 2.11

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Key expertises

Perovskite, Heterogeneous catalysis

About me

After obtaining my master’s degree in physical chemistry from Utrecht University (2014), I realized that being a chemist gave me the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future at a very fundamental level. This brought me to the group of Dr. Savenije at Delft University of Technology, where I investigated the optoelectronic properties of halide perovskites for solar cells. During my PhD research, I went to Stanford University as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to explore the synthesis of non-toxic halide perovskites. After obtaining my PhD cum laude (2018) I joined the group of Dr. Ehrler at AMOLF as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate the stability of mixed-halide perovskites against phase segregation using pressure-dependent spectroscopy techniques. In 2020, I became a tenure-track assistant professor at the Utrecht University hub of the ARC CBBC.

About my research

It fascinates me how much energy is provided by (sun-)light, and I am curious to find out how we can use the interactions between materials and light to e.g. store solar energy, initiate chemical reactions or understand fundamental properties of materials or reactions. I find it satisfying to combine my fundamental interest with topics that contribute to a more sustainable future. My long-term research goal is to understand which non-toxic materials have the potential to use the energy from sun- or indoor light to generate electricity or deplete air pollutants such as CO2 or pathogens. These materials could then be used to add unique functionalities to coatings.