Ellard Hooiveld

Ellard Hooiveld

PhD candidate
Wageningen University

Ellard Hooiveld


Physical chemistry and soft matter (PCC_

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Helix buiding nr.124, room nr 6056

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About me

After atheneum, I had a specific interest for chemistry and biology. During my bachelor and master AT the Wageningen university this enthusiasm became even larger for specifically the physical chemistry part. I am always inspired to couple the fundamental parameters to practical applications. I do not easily give up during my hobbies race cycling and running, but also in finding solutions to (every day/fundamental) challenges.

About my research

In my research I focus on the drying of (waterborne) paints and coatings. Specifically I’m researching mechanisms create layered structures in the coating or paint layer. Each of these layers can have its own functionality in the final dry film. You can think of a ground layer for attachment to the substrate and an anti-fouling layer at the air interface. To create this structure, we need to understand how a paint or coating solution looks like on a microscale, and how different components interact during the evaporation of the solvent. With the use of this fundamental knowledge I can create practical applications in paint and coatings. In the future I hope to couple more fundamental parameters to final (layered) structures and couple this to the macroscopic properties of these dry coatings/paints.