Eva Blokker

PhD candidate
VU Amsterdam

About myself 

I followed the joint degree master (UvA and VU) Molecular Sciences in Amsterdam. During my master’s project in Theoretical Chemistry I already got the chance to collaborate with ARC CBBC’s partner Nouryon. This resulted in my current position as PhD, which I started in March 2019. Besides doing chemistry, I love doing sports and fun activities with friends.

 As a researcher I am passionate about 

What I like about fundamental research is the ability to unravel models and theories of the chemical bond. When we understand the intrinsic properties of materials, we can make processes or products ‘greener’, which is valuable for industry and society.

 At the moment I work on 

The aim of our collaboration with Nouryon is to develop quantum chemical models for designing new, sustainable processes towards materials for the industry. The experimental part of this research is carried out by Nouryon. Together with Professor Matthias Bickelhaupt and Nouryon, we are in close contact to achieve our goals. Due to the confidential character of the study, the specific content of this project will be published in the form of patents, presentations and scientific publications at a later stage.

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish 

First of all, I hope we can have a positive impact on future sustainability with the collaboration between companies, universities and governmental parties in this consortium. Secondly, I hope to rationally design materials and processes by creating an understanding of the electronic structures of our systems.