Florian Zand

Florian Zand

Utrecht University

Florian Zand


Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

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David de Wied building, 4th floor

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Key expertises

Pd-Ni bimetallics, heterogeneous catalysis, operando spectroscopy, catalyst preparation, atom probe tomography

About me

I grew up in Kapfenberg, a small town in the middle of Austria. After finishing my education and civilian service, I went on studying chemistry in Graz, Austria. For my MSc, I moved to Munich, Germany where I focused my studies on chemical technology and analytical chemistry. To deepen my knowledge in the field of catalysis and working with advanced characterization techniques, I joined the group of Prof. Bert Weckhuysen as a PhD candidate in 2019. In my spare time, I enjoy being in nature and doing all kinds of sports.

About my research

At the center of attention in my research are bimetallic Pd-Ni-based hydrogenation catalysts. Our focus is on the characterization of the nanoparticles, to study both their preparation as well as their dynamic behavior under operating conditions. For this, we employ and develop a variety of state-of-the-art techniques such as quick-X-ray absorption spectroscopy and atom probe tomography. With the help of those techniques, we can investigate metal segregation phenomena during catalyst preparation but also under real working conditions. With our research, we aim to contribute to the fundamental understanding of bimetallic catalysts derived from industrial preparation procedures.