Francesco Mattarozzi

PhD candidate
Utrecht University

About myself  

After spending all my live in a small village close to Milan (Italy). My academic background is mainly focused on heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry. I got my bachelor degree in Chimica Industriale at Universita’ degli Studi di Milano in 2016, studying ‘drugs degradation in aqueous environment using photocatalytic ceramic supports’ during the bachelor thesis. During my Master thesis (Industrial chemistry at Univerisita’ degli Studi di Milano), I worked on Pd- based catalysts for selective hydrogenation reactions. I did part of the thesis project in Utrecht, as an Erasmus student. I embraced the opportunity to do my PhD within CBBC and Utrecht University in December 2018

As a researcher I am passionate about

I’m passionate about acquiring knowledge on catalytic reaction mechanisms (for instance CO2 conversion), and understanding how every single synthesis variable can influence the morphology of the final catalyst.

At the moment I work on

At the moment I am working on CO2 electrochemical conversion using supported silver nanoparticles. The aim is to understand the role of the transition metal, the support, and the electrolyte in this reaction. Furthermore, the conversion of CO2 into valuable products is a field of great interest, in order to reduce pollution and close the carbon cycle.

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish

Within the ARC CBBC, I wish to become an expert in the field of sustainable chemistry focusing on the CO2 electrochemical conversion. Personally, I wish to improve my skills as a scientist such as working in a team and problem solving.