Guido Mul

Professor of Photocatalytic synthesis
University of Twente

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

Electrocatalysis is a promising enabling technology for storage of sustainable energy. My motivation to participate in CBBC is to bring expertise in electrocatalysis to the consortium, including  electrode and cell design, as well as optimization of process operation. Applications I’d like to work on are C1 (including CO2) conversion and nitrogen activation. I’d also like to initiate, or contribute to CBBC by developing photocatalysis technology using advanced spectroscopy,  with focus on (saline) water purification, selective oxidation, or conversion of methane.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

I am most proud of graduating the PhD students that I have supervised the past years. Together with them, I have significantly contributed to the fields of photo- and electrocatalysis, highlights being i) the discovery of the significant contribution of carbonaceous contaminants to product formation in photocatalytic CO2 reduction, ii) determining structure-activity relationships of modified semiconductors in photocatalytic water purification, gas purification and water splitting, and iv) the design and validation of a novel, hollow fiber based electrode for electrochemical reduction of CO2.

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