Hanneke Siebe

Hanneke Siebe

University of Groningen

Hanneke Siebe


Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

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Nijenborgh 4 - 5116.0045

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Key expertises

Waterborne coatings, oxidation chemistry, spectroscopy, reaction monitoring, film formation

About me

I studied Chemistry in Groningen and obtained my BSc and MSc titles here. After a research stay for a few months in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the group of prof. Steven Bell, I returned to Groningen and started a PhD in the group of prof. Wesley Browne on waterborne coatings at the start of 2019. In my free time I enjoy following ballet and modern dance classes and making (3D) illustrations.

About my research

My research focuses on making a new type of paint, made from plant-based and sustainable materials. Next to water, the main component of this paint is a plant-based gum called gum arabic. We modify the gum arabic to make it insoluble to water after the paint is applied and has dried. Most of my research focuses on understanding the modification reactions that the gum arabic undergoes, for which we use a wide variety of spectroscopic tools, such as Raman, IR and NMR spectroscopy. In this way, we can develop a completely sustainable paint that is of the same quality as the current commercial paints.